I Suck.

Well, look at me. I’m a big, fat liar. Yes I am. So obviously, I didn’t get the files uploaded by last weekend. But in my defense, it was my younger daughter’s 7th birthday, and all sorts of other crazy stuff happened in my life that forced me to deal with real life stuff before jumping into Photoshop to finish this whole project up. (For the record, I would’ve preferred the Photoshopping over dealing with real life…)

But it’s time. I have a lot of pages done, but haven’t put them out there for you yet. And then some pages aren’t done, but won’t take me long to do. If it’s any consolation, I have 3 or 4 blog posts in Draft status, just waiting for me to add the link to the download for each page. They explain how we’ve set it all up here, what I was envisioning, how we’re using them, etc.

The past two days, my kids have done things that I really want them to journal about, so it lit the fire again and made me want to put this whole thing into production. So I’ll work on it most of the day tomorrow and get it out there for you guys. At the very least, I’ll get the pages I already have done already out there for you and then we’ll add to it as the summer goes on. But it’s coming. I swear. Sigh.

In the meantime, have you (or your kids) start writing down what they want to do this summer (that page is already done and just waiting to be uploaded), what songs, TV shows, movies, and books they like from this summer (again… those pages are done and just waiting for me…),  and jot down a sentence or two if you or your kids do something fun in  the next day or two (so that you remember it when I give you the journal pages).

After the girls dentist appointments at 9AM tomorrow, I’ll head home, and at the very least, upload the pages that are done so that you can get started. 🙂


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  1. September

    Thanks so much!! I hear you on the too busy to think front–I really appreciate you doing these and I”m *really* looking forward to making this a project with Bronte this summer. She’s at that age where she’s just starting to get a rythem going for writing and connecting everything together and I want her to continue working on that during the school break. We also have a bunch of fun stuff planned this summer (first *ever* family summer vacation–trip to California in August…everything from San Diego to the redwoods) that I really want to document.

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