How It Began

This whole business venture all began because I was frustrated. I began digital scrapbooking several years ago. I dug into it, got pretty obsessed with it for awhile, and over the span of about 3 years, spent countless hours learning Photoshop Elements (and then Photoshop CS3), stressing over whether or not my drop shadows looked real, freaked out about whether or not that digital flower or paperclip I chose (out of the 500GB+ files I own) was the exact right one, and spent a shitload of money that I now wish I could get back. Yes, I absolutely came out of it with a few hundred layouts and quite a few gorgeous (if I do say so myself) photobooks from Shutterfly.

My family loves looking back through those photobooks and I don’t regret anything that came along with creating the layouts and then making the books. However, one day, as I paged back through them, I realized that I was only documenting certain things. And that I had pages and pages with gorgeous photos and all sorts of pretty elements around them (with perfect drop shadows), but no story behind them.

Slowly, I started losing interest in the whole digital scrapbook thing. I still love looking at OTHER people’s pages, but I just didn’t have it in me anymore. I hated that my pages had become more about the “pretty stuff” than the photos or the stories.

However, at the same time, I didn’t want to stop documenting my family. I LOVE looking back at photos or writings and remembering things. But I needed a way to do it that was easier, took less time, and didn’t involve me needing to open up Photoshop every time I wanted to document or remember something. I also didn’t want to go back to paper scrapping (which I dabbled in years ago) because 1) it costs too much, 2) I hated having to drag my supplies out and then clean them up when I was done, and 3) it still wasn’t a quick enough way for me to remember the every day things.

And that’s where my designs and projects come in. I wanted to come up with a way for me (and other people) to document their family’s memories without having to learn new software or buy a ton of supplies, or take a ton of time out of the day to do it. The bottom line is that I wanted a way to make some cool scrapbooks and journals that the entire family could be involved in (if they felt like it), but that could take as little as 5 minutes a day on those days when I was just too busy to sit down and create the perfect layout. The things I create are more like entire “systems.” You’ll be able to use these systems to create awesome books about you and your family.

Since I know money is not easy for most of us to come by these days, and since I also know that people with no knowledge of digital scrapbooking software also want to document their lives, all of my products are very user friendly. If you can download a file and then print it, you’ll be good to go. I’ll try my best to offer things that don’t involve much thinking in terms of putting it all together, and also don’t require a lot of things you need to buy. Most products will be created so that you can put it all into a standard 3-ring binder, allowing you to expand on it as you go. I’ll post links to the extra products I use on my own projects, but will also offer suggestions on how to create the same thing using things you may already own (or can buy fairly cheaply).

If you decide you like my stuff, I urge you to subscribe to this blog feed or check back regularly. Because a lot of the things I’ll offer you are pretty self-explanatory, but I also come up with new ideas on a daily basis on how to use my stuff and take these simple journals and scrapbooks to the next level if you choose. Even those ideas won’t take a lot of time or cost you a lot of money. I promise.

And what I also promise is that as you use my stuff, you’ll be able to look back and smile at what you created. Memories will come flooding back, tears may fall, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you were able to capture the things that matter most to you and your family.


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