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Quick Note About the Journal Pages

My kids have only been using them for a few days now, but already, I’ve found ways they could be improved. I forgot how big most kids write, so some of the lines on the pages are proving to be a bit too short or too close together to fit everything on (especially the Author lines on the What I Read page).

So this weekend, I plan to create some of the pages in landscape mode too so that I can make the lines longer and spread them farther apart. Once those are done, I’ll post the link to those too. So for now, if you think your kids will have the same problem, you may want to hold off printing out those pages (Songs of Summer, Movies I’ve Watched, and Books I’ve Read) until I post those links OR just print out one page of each of those for now and then print out the landscape ones once I create them.

If as your own kids use these and you see there’s something you think could be changed, improved, etc., PLEASE let me know and I’ll see what I can do. We’ll look at this as an experiment and all tweak it together, OK? LOL!



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