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Quick Note About the Journal Pages

My kids have only been using them for a few days now, but already, I’ve found ways they could be improved. I forgot how big most kids write, so some of the lines on the pages are proving to be a bit too short or too close together to fit everything on (especially the Author lines on the What I Read page).

So this weekend, I plan to create some of the pages in landscape mode too so that I can make the lines longer and spread them farther apart. Once those are done, I’ll post the link to those too. So for now, if you think your kids will have the same problem, you may want to hold off printing out those pages (Songs of Summer, Movies I’ve Watched, and Books I’ve Read) until I post those links OR just print out one page of each of those for now and then print out the landscape ones once I create them.

If as your own kids use these and you see there’s something you think could be changed, improved, etc., PLEASE let me know and I’ll see what I can do. We’ll look at this as an experiment and all tweak it together, OK? LOL!



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The Journal Pages

This wouldn’t be much of a scrapbook without pages to put in it, now would it. So let’s talk about some of the pages I’ve created for you to put in your binders.

The Bucket List Page

The bucket list page is just that. Your summer bucket list. There’s no need to go grand here. The kids have written down the things they’d like to do this summer, no matter how big or small. I’m encouraging them to write everything from “Go swimming,” and “Blow bubbles,” to bigger things like “Go to an amusement park” and “Go on vacation.” I printed out one for each kid and one for myself to put in our own sections of the binder.

(Obviously, the files you download won’t say “COPY” across them.)

As we do things on our lists, we’ll check off the check box and write in the date we did it. I printed these out on card stock. Regular paper would be fine, but I figure we’ll all be revisiting this page throughout the summer and it could potentially be put in and out of the binder a lot so I’d prefer to have this on stronger paper. I also printed this as double-sided right away so we can add more items as the summer progresses.

Movies, Books, and Songs of Summer

The next pages are just quick, fun ways to document some of the things you’ve all watched, read and listened to this summer.

On the movie and book pages, we’re writing the name of the movie or book and then “rating” it using the stars. The kids can either color in the appropriate number of stars (or just circle them if that’s easier for younger kids). Again, I used card stock for these pages, printed one for each of us to put in our binder sections, and printed them double-sided. (The movie page looks just like the “What I Read” page below, except it has space for the name of the movie and then the stars.)

The Songs of Summer page is to document the songs that will end up reminding you of Summer 2010, whether that be songs on the radio, TV theme songs, songs from movies, etc. There are always songs that the kids and I all enjoy, or that when they come on, we crank up the radio and sing along to in the car. My plan is to burn a CD of all of our listed songs at the end of the summer and then I’ll slide that in the binder too. Anytime we want to be transported back to the summer of 2010, we’ll pop in the CD and jam out. Again, since we all have different tastes and opinions, I printed one out for each of us to put in our own section of the binder, and again, I used card stock and printed it double-sided.

My Artwork Pages

The My Artwork page is just that… a place for artwork. Now obviously, the kids don’t NEED to use this page to draw something, since you can put any sort of paper they use into the binder. But I made it just to have a page that matched the other pages in the system.

My Day

This page is what I envision as the one being used most often. This is a page for you and your kids to document the daily stuff. There’s a place for the name and the date. Then they can circle what day it is and write in what the weather was like. There’s an unfinished face for them to draw in their mood that day and a line to write something too if they choose. They can just draw in a happy or sad face or really go nuts and add hair, etc. too.

The rest of the page is self-explanatory. They can write what they did that day, what their favorite part was, and then write what they’d like to do the next day.

My Week

So I’m not unrealistic enough to think that you and/or your kids are actually going to journal every day. So I made up a “My Week” page too. One page with enough room to write one or two sentences of how you spent each day that week. You can either use this in combination with the daily pages, or just use these on their own if that’s easier or more realistic for your schedules.


OK. This last page is simply a lined page for you or your kids to write things down. It’s for the times when the daily or weekly pages just don’t give you the opportunity to really write what you want to. I’ve used two of these in my section already… one to write about my feelings the night Grace slept over at a friend’s house for the first time last week, and one to write about how much fun I had teaching Vacation Bible School this week.

Another thought for this page is to print it on the back of one of the daily pages if you want the thoughts, mood, etc. of the daily prompts, but then have a particular story you want to expand on for that day.

The Details

OK. So there you have it. These are the pages that are done so far. There ARE more coming, but these should be enough to get you started. As I’ve stated, these are not fancy for a reason. I saw no need to add all sorts of “pretty stuff” because frankly, computer ink is expensive and why print what we don’t need, right?

The pages all have equal margins on the left and the right. That’s so that you can print double-sided without having to worry which file is for which side. You can pick and choose what you want on the fronts and backs of each page and they’ll all match up and work seamlessly. Try to be creative. Maybe you could print the “My Day” page on one side for your kid and then the “My Artwork” page on the back so they can draw a picture of something that reminds them of the day they journaled about on the front?

I’m going to snap some photos now of how our binder is set up and what else we’re including in it and I’ll post that in a bit. But for now, you can download all of the files by clicking on them over there in the Box widget in the sidebar. All of the zip files contain 2 files. I saved each page as a .jpg and as a .pdf so you can open and print them whichever way is easiest for you. It’s easier for me to just open up the .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat and hit Print, but I wanted the .jpg option in there for you too.

(NOTE: If you print the .pdf file from Adobe, make sure that you have the Page Scaling option set to “None” for it to print out correctly!!)

Also, now that we’ve used ours for a few days, I decided I’m printing everything out on card stock instead of regular paper. Mostly because I like the sturdiness, but also because I didn’t want any of the ink or markers that the kids are using to write to show through to the other side of the pages. But that choice is yours.

Anyway, enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with more pages and to show you some more ideas of what to put in your binders.

Also, since these are free, I have no problem with you telling your friends about them. But if possible, please direct them here to the blog to download them and don’t just email them the files (because I’d like to keep track of the number of downloads for each page). It also goes without saying that if you try to sell these to someone, I’ll hunt you down and hurt you. 🙂


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Let’s Get Started…

OK. So let’s get rolling with this Summer Journal/Scrapbook. There are some things we need to gather and do before we can dig in and start putting this bad boy together.

First and foremost, you need a binder. I actually had a 3-ring scrapbook that I had here but never used for anything, so I’ll be using that. It’s this one from American Crafts. I haven’t decorated the cover yet, but I’ll get that at some other point.

You, however, can head to WalMart or Target or Staples or wherever else you want to go and just grab a standard 3-ring binder. I do suggest that you grab one that has bigger rings, just because as the summer progresses, you want to make sure that the rings are big enough to hold all of your pages and projects in there.

I also went ahead and bought these and these from We R Memory Keepers to go inside. They’re divided page protectors which I plan to use to slide in some photos, mementos and other things that I’ll show you as I go along.

You do NOT need these if you don’t want them, but I wanted ways to keep things other than papers in our binder. I also have page protectors that are just hold a standard 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper (i.e., they aren’t divided at all). The scrapbook came with some, but you can also hit the office supply section of most stores and grab a pack of presentation sheet protectors. You can pick up a pack of about 25 or 50 of them for a few bucks. I plan to use those to slide in some of the pages, brochures we may have from places we visit, artwork the kids draw, etc. Again, NOT necessary for the project and you can just choose to pick some up later if you decide you want some after all.

The bottom line is that the only things you NEED are a binder, a way to punch the holes in the pages, some paper and cardstock (which is also optional, but recommended for some of the pages). Gather that stuff up and we’ll get started on printing out the pages and getting this thing put together.

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The Great 2010 Summer Journal/Scrapbook Project

Buckle up everyone because it’s finally here! (Summer that is.)  I decided a few weeks ago that I really wanted to document my summer with my family this year. I also wanted the kids to play a big part in the project. Hence, the Great Summer of 2010 Journal/Scrapbook project was born. This system is meant to be a way for you and your family to document the summer of 2010. There will be heavy emphasis on getting the kids involved, but everything can be adjusted so you can use the pages as you see fit.

Before we get into detail about the specific types of pages we’re going to have, let’s talk about a few other details first.

  • All pages were created to be put into a standard 3-ring binder. It’s up to you if you want a separate binder for each family member or one binder to put everyone’s pages into. (I plan on using one binder with divider pages for each of us.)
  • You can either print as you go (meaning you print out individual pages as you need them), or you can print a bunch of them out ahead of time and have them on hand for anyone in the family to grab when they see fit. (I’ll have some of everything printed out at all times.)
  • Other than a three-ring binder, you’ll also need a hole punch and paper and/or cardstock to print on. (I’ll be using both. There are some pages I know will be written on throughout the summer and/or will have photos adhered to them, so I want them a bit sturdier. But there will also be some pages (like the journaling pages) that I’ll just print on normal paper.)
  • I thought about creating front and back versions of all of the pages (with a larger margin on the side where your holes will go), but I know that if you’re anything like me, that involves way too much thought and I always end up with everything not lining up or being upside down, etc.). So for this project, I just made everything so that all margins are equal and it’s up to you if you want to print double-sided or not. If you DO choose to print double-sided, there’s no need to open up a separate file to do so since there are no “front” and “back” files to worry about.
  • I’ll be creating some printables that aren’t 8.5 x 11″ and/or using certain products on my own project that I’ll offer to you as well (along with photos and ideas on how to use them). It does NOT mean that you need to follow the same format. I’ll be offering them as suggestions, but you really need to decide what you do and don’t want in your own project, figure out how much money you’re willing to spend on outside products, etc., and go from there.
  • I’m also creating a buttload of different types of pages. You can pick and choose which ones you want to use and which ones you don’t. I’m all about doing what works for you, so I’ll try my best to outline how you can use just one or two of the pages to document the summer, or go hog wild and use all of them to put together a pretty cool project of your summer memories.
  • If you don’t want to use any of the pages, that’s fine too, because I’ll also share ideas on how to use everyday things like your To Do lists to create something that will be a reminder of how you spent the summer.
  • I’ll try my hardest to help those that work outside of the home to create a book too. I’m well aware that the summer is spent entirely different depending on whether or not you’re home with your kids all day or not (because I’ve been on both sides of the fence), so I’ll make sure to address how to still create a cool book even if you don’t spend every waking moment with your child(ren).
  • I also took into account that not everyone wants to spend a boatload of money on printer ink (my god, that stuff is expensive), so none of the pages are “fancy” in terms of extra design elements. Yes, there is some color (other than black) used in page titles and borders, but even printed out in black and white and/or photocopied, you’ll be good to go. You can pretty it up in other ways as you see fit. Experienced digital scrapbookers can do it on their own using their computer, and non-digital scrapbookers can draw in the margins, add stickers or stamps, etc. as they see fit. Again, it’s about preserving the memories… not about being pretty.

That’s all I can think of right now (but I’m sure there will be more as we go). Tomorrow, I’ll post links to the binder I’ll be using and some of the “extras” I bought for the project here at our house. I’ll also start posting the individual pages, how we plan to use them here at our house, and the different ways you can use them for your own family.

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