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Let’s Get Started…

OK. So let’s get rolling with this Summer Journal/Scrapbook. There are some things we need to gather and do before we can dig in and start putting this bad boy together.

First and foremost, you need a binder. I actually had a 3-ring scrapbook that I had here but never used for anything, so I’ll be using that. It’s this one from American Crafts. I haven’t decorated the cover yet, but I’ll get that at some other point.

You, however, can head to WalMart or Target or Staples or wherever else you want to go and just grab a standard 3-ring binder. I do suggest that you grab one that has bigger rings, just because as the summer progresses, you want to make sure that the rings are big enough to hold all of your pages and projects in there.

I also went ahead and bought these and these from We R Memory Keepers to go inside. They’re divided page protectors which I plan to use to slide in some photos, mementos and other things that I’ll show you as I go along.

You do NOT need these if you don’t want them, but I wanted ways to keep things other than papers in our binder. I also have page protectors that are just hold a standard 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper (i.e., they aren’t divided at all). The scrapbook came with some, but you can also hit the office supply section of most stores and grab a pack of presentation sheet protectors. You can pick up a pack of about 25 or 50 of them for a few bucks. I plan to use those to slide in some of the pages, brochures we may have from places we visit, artwork the kids draw, etc. Again, NOT necessary for the project and you can just choose to pick some up later if you decide you want some after all.

The bottom line is that the only things you NEED are a binder, a way to punch the holes in the pages, some paper and cardstock (which is also optional, but recommended for some of the pages). Gather that stuff up and we’ll get started on printing out the pages and getting this thing put together.


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